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Create the Best Burger!

Tips for creating the best burger!

•Use a 80/20 mix ground beef. This fat percentage will ensure a juicy burger.

•Salt your burger after forming the patty. Adding salt prior to forming the patty will draw out moisture while cooking.

•For a tender burger do not over work the ground beef into a patty.

•Only flip the burger one time. Flipping should be done after a good crust is formed to keep the burger from falling apart. When you see blood come out on top of the burger, it’s time to flip.

•Let the burger rest for 5 minutes before serving. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the patty.

•Bonus tip: For the most flavorful burger use dry-aged ground beef.

In addition to our beef share sales, we sell our Ground Beef Ranch Packs a couple times a year. They include (20) approx. 1 pound packages of our High Quality, Grassfed, Dry-aged Ground Beef. We are currently sold out. Make sure to subscribe to our email list at to be notified when we have availability.

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