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Do you sell beef by the pound? Not at this time. Our Ranch Direct Beef program is designed to provide our community with the highest quality beef at an economical price.  We have found that selling beef shares of whole, half and quarter orders allows us to keep our overhead at it's lowest so that we can pass on the savings to local families. You can find Silva Ranch beef by the cut at or

What is the difference between grass and grain finished on Silva Ranch? All of our cattle are raised on native grasses here in the Central Valley and in the surrounding hills of the coastal range. Several months before harvest, we either continue to have the cattle graze only on grass (grass-finished), or we transition their diet with high quality mixed grains (grain-finished). It all comes down to customer preference. We focus on offering quality beef to meet local demand. Our most popular order is a half of grass-fed/finished beef. If you are debating between grass or grain finished, we encourage you to contact us so we can answer your questions. 

What does "Finished" mean? Finished is a term that refers to the feeding practices in the final weeks leading to harvest. 

What is Dry Aging? Dry aging is a popular practice. The cleaned carcass hangs in a temperature controlled cooler at the butcher shop for 14-28 days before being cut and wrapped. The process changes the beef by two means. First, moisture evaporates from the muscle. This creates a greater concentration of beef flavor and taste. Second, the beef's natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle leading to a more tender beef. The benefits of aging beef is a higher quality product. Dry aged beef is most commonly sold in premium in high end steakhouses.

How much freezer space will I need? Generally, one cubic foot of freezer space will hold 35-40 pounds of vacuumed sealed beef. For example, your an average quarter order of 100 pounds of grass-finished beef would need about 3 cubic feet of freezer space. 

Do you ship? We do not ship at this time. We have out of the area customers that have successfully picked up their beef while visiting our area. Many customers have driven home a far with Silva Ranch Beef dry iced in coolers.

How do I order? Contact Us

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