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There are many reasons to choose Silva Ranch!

Here are the top 10:

  • We are more than beef and crop producers; we are a family growing food for families.

  • US Beef Producers have high standards of animal health. Here at Silva Ranch, we accept nothing less. All animals are treated humanely in a low stress environment.

  • Our beef is dry-aged to bring you tender-flavorful beef.

  • We have carefully built our herd genetics, through selective breeding, to provide local families with high quality beef.

  • When you buy local you are getting the freshest food supply possible, with the smallest footprint on our ecosystem.

  • With our custom Ranch Direct Beef Program we provide your family with quality local beef at an economical price.

  • When you buy from Silva Ranch you are supporting our family, the family owned mobile butcher, family owned local butcher shop, and other local family owned businesses.

  • Silva Ranch offers a custom product. All animals are raised on a grass diet but you choose between grass finished or grain finished. 

  • We choose to never use added hormones on our ranch.

  • Our main hillside landlords are a local Contra Costa County family. The land has been in their family since 1898. Grazing enables their family to responsibly maintain the vegetation on the property while providing wildlife habitat and having a positive impact on their local ecosystem.

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