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Hay Sales


High quality hay is available for pick up in Tracy, CA 95304. All bales are very clean. There is a strict 15 bale minimum for pick up. Please call Mike at 209-564-8309 to schedule pick up. Square bales average 100 pounds per bale. 

  • 2024 Alfalfa- $15.00 per bale

  • 2024 Wheat- $12 per bale, available May 2024

  • 2024 Alfalfa 90%/Orchard Grass 10% mix- $15.00 per bale; available May 2024


  • 2024 Alfalfa 80%/Orchard Grass 20% mix, - not available at this time

  • 2024 Alfalfa 50%/Orchard Grass 50% mix, - $15.00; available May 2024

  • Orchard Grass- Sold Out; none available for 2024

  • 2024 Pasture Grass hay- Sold out; 2024 crop available June 2024                                            

  • Cow hay, pasture hay with no weeds but lots of watergrass- $10 per bale

Pricing may fluctuate with hay market. Pricing is not set until hay is baled.

Delivery of a stack of 88 bales or truck load of 480-512 bales can be arranged. Delivery is provided by a 3rd party. Transportation service must be paid direct upon delivery. 



Michael grew up on his Father's dairy farm in Tracy, California. While he enjoyed feeding the cattle on the dairy, he knew early on that his passion was in the field growing the feed for the cattle.


In High School he started doing custom hay work for neighboring farms. Michael still continues to provide Custom Farming Services for his community now with his own family.

Michael enjoys growing and harvesting high quality alfalfa, oats and wheat with his wife and three children. The Silva Family strives to grow high quality forages in the nutrient rich soil of California's Central Valley. 

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