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Quality beef

We are pleased to offer our community with high quality beef shares. We harvest during the Spring/Summer and Fall seasons. The beef is sold on the hoof directly to you. Silva Ranch cattle graze on the hill sides of Contra Costa County and irrigated pastures of San Joaquin County, but you are able to choose if the beef is either grass or grain finished.


We offer beef shares by the whole, half, or quarter. Which means you purchase a variety of cuts from the whole animal, or the beef is divided between 2-4 customers. No need to search for purchasing partners, we take care of matching up beef share orders to equal a whole beef. 

The first step of our Ranch Direct Beef Program is to fill out and send in an Order Request Form. Once availability is confirmed, we will request a deposit to reserve your beef share. When the harvest date of your beef share is approaching you will receive an email with the harvest date and estimated time frame for pick up. 

We help facilitate the harvest of all beef. The carcass is delivered to a state certified local butcher shop. Where the carcass is dry aged for 14 to 28 days. After the beef carcass is weighed you will receive an email with the cost breakdown and further order instructions.


Costs are based on the hanging weight of the carcass. The hanging weight is how much the carcass weighs after it's skinned and the head and internal organs are removed. This is usually 55-62% of the live weight of the animal. 

The local butcher shop custom cuts, vacuum seals, and freezes your beef. Then you pick your beef up directly from the butcher shop and start enjoying your ranch fresh beef!

We value every customer and are dedicated to helping each of you have a positive ordering experience. Pricing fluctuates with the market, please contact us directly for our current pricing information sheet. 

We are here to walk you through the whole process. Placing a beef share order with Silva Ranch is a direct link to Your Rancher. Rosie is here to guide you and answer all your beef and ranching questions. 

beef break down.jpg

Above is a diagram of possible cuts from each portion of the beef carcass. When you order a half of beef, it will include one side of the beef. The butcher shop will provide you with a cutting instruction sheet, where you will be able to communicate your cutting preferences. Any cuts you do not wish to get will be added to your ground beef. Whole and half orders can also be cut and wrapped using the standard Silva Ranch cutting instructions if you prefer. 

For our quarter orders, rather than the front and back quarter being sold separately we do a mixed quarter split of the side of beef. We have a standard cutting instruction sheet for our quarter beef shares to ensure an equal split of the half into two even quarters. As always, we are also here to guide you through the process. 

Our standard Silva Ranch Cutting Instructions include a variety of steaks, stews, roasts, kabob meat, ground beef, soup and dog bones. A complete cut list of our Silva Ranch Standard Cutting Instructions is included on page 2 of our Information Sheet. Please email us directly to request an Information Sheet that explains our Ranch Direct Beef Program, pricing and standard cut list. 

 "My family is grateful to you and your family for all that you do to provide us with amazing food that we share and enjoy all year long. We are on your side 100% and we are HUGE believers in spending our hard earned money locally and at businesses we believe in. We believe in Silva Ranch and are very grateful. Thanks so much, please extend our gratitude to everyone who helps out, we truly appreciate all of you!"

The Cotroneo Family, Silva Ranch Beef Customer

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