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Questions about agriculture?
Let me show you life on our farm from my perspective as a Rancher, Mom, and Farmer's wife.

Quality beef

We harvest during the spring and fall seasons. We sell the beef on the hoof directly to you, you choose either grass or grain finished. We help facilitate the harvest of all beef. The carcass is delivered to a state certified local butcher shop, where you are guided through custom cutting instructions for your family ranch raised Angus beef. Any cuts you do not wish to get will be added to your ground beef. We like to dry age our beef at the butcher shop for 14 to 28 days. The local butcher shop custom cuts and vacuum packs your beef. Then you pick it up and start enjoying your ranch fresh beef!

We offer beef by the whole, half, or quarter. Which means you purchase a variety of cuts from the whole animal, or the beef is divided between 2-4 customers. No need to search for purchasing partners, we take care of matching up beef share orders to equal a whole beef.

We value every customer and are dedicated to helping each of you have a positive ordering experience. We only take orders over the phone or email so that we ensure all of your questions are answered. Pricing fluctuates with the market, please contact us directly for current pricing information sheet. 

Above is a diagram of possible cuts from each portion of the beef carcass. When you order a half or quarter beef, you will receive a smaller amount of each of the cuts. The butcher shop will provide you with a cutting instruction sheet, where you will be able to communicate your cutting preferences. As always, we are also here to guide you through the process.